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How to Manage Asthma Through Diet

By Gerry Restriveradoctor-houston-sleep-asthma

Asthma is a manifestation of an allergic pattern called atopy. These disorders are connected to hay fever and eczema. Food allergy can result to immediate or delayed patterns of asthma. These food reactions lead to dramatic, sudden and life-threatening asthma. Thus, it is...

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Is It Asthma Or Allergies?

By Mayur Vibhakardoctor-houston-sleep-asthma

Asthma and allergies are not the same. However, they are somewhat related because of similar types of reactions. An allergy is an inflammatory reaction to a substance. Allergic reactions can involve nasal membranes as well as the skin, eyes, and even the mouth....

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Asthma Treatment and Medication

By Daniel Lanicekdoctor-houston-sleep-asthma

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that effects over 30 million Americans alone and researchers estimate that 10 - 15% of the world population suffers from asthma. People with asthma have extra sensitive or hyper-responsive airways. The airways become irritated and narrow and...

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