Dear Patients,

Welcome to my website! As a Board Certified Internal Medicine and Sleep Medicine doctor my strength is in the diagnosis and treatment of medical and health disorders of adults.

My philosophy focuses on offering highly respectful, professional and effective care to each patient. Every effort is made to carefully design treatment plans that are inclusive of the broad range and complexity of adult health and illness. The special uniqueness of each patient, as well as their personal goals in life and their health, are of the utmost importance to my staff and me.

I will:

be your first contact for any health-related issues

provide compassionate and comprehensive medical care

always advocate for your interests over those of an increasingly complex, impersonal health care system

coordinate the care you may need from other specialists

help you understand what medical information from the Internet and from the media is reliable and relevant to you

My practice features ready availability and on-time, unhurried office visits, in a comfortable private office setting. We are dedicated to assisting you to navigate your way through the health care system by finding the best and lowest cost referrals to specialists and imaging centers. As your doctor, I am dedicated to providing you comprehensive personalized care, with an emphasis on wellness and disease prevention. That is the care that I believe you want. That is the care that you deserve.

I look forward to caring for you as one of my private practice patients.

Find out for yourself what I am all about by calling our office. We’ll be glad to schedule a consultation with me and to answer any questions you might have.