Dr. Tantuco’s mission is to provide responsible highest quality patient care in an environment of compassion and respect for each patient and their families, using the safest, most advanced techniques at an affordable cost, Dr. Tantuco takes into consideration all medical and surgical options and works closely with each patient to develop an individualized plan of treatment. Dr. Tantuco believes in educating each patient about his or her disorder and encouraging an open line of communication between the patient, Dr.Tantuco, his highly trained and experienced staff.

Dr. Tantuco practice works around the following principles and believes:

• that every person should be treated with dignity and respect.

• that health care is a team effort.

• that individuals should be at the center of their health care team.

• that your mind, body and spirit are not separate entities, but overlapping spheres, with you at the center.

• He believes in prevention and early detection of disease.

• He believes diet and exercise are essential to preventing disease.

• He believes that it is his duty to provide you with education and resources to enable you to make life style and health care decisions that will optimize your well being.

• He will work with you to minimize your risk of developing disease and to detect disease at early stages.

• When you are sick, he will make every effort to see you when you want to be seen.

• His staff is committed to providing an exceptional level of care to you and your family that will exceed your expectations.